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Canadian tech entrepreneur

Online entertainment expert and investor. Co-founder of Cryptologic Inc. & QT Inc.

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Welcome to MarkRivkin.ca - The world of Mark Rivkin

Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Mark Rivkin was born in Toronto, and he is best known for co-founding Cryptologic, a company that pioneered secure transaction management for online gaming, and is now one of the largest software application service providers.

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Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Mark Rivkin was born in Toronto, and he is best known for co-founding Cryptologic, a company that pioneered secure transaction management for online gaming, and is now one of the largest software application service providers.

Rivkin’s entrepreneurial drive developed at an early, and his success would manifest before he even graduated college. While attending the University of Western Ontario he founded Campus Notes, which was a lecture note service that was used on a number of Canadian campuses.


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Mark Rivkin

Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist.

Mark Rivkin was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He is best known for co-founding Cryptologic, a company that pioneered secure transaction management for online gaming and is now one of the largest software application service providers. Upon graduating in 1993, Mark and his brother Andrew began working on a concept that involved the pleasures of online gaming combined with secure online financial software. What began as an idea in their parents’ basement evolved to become one of the world’s largest and most successful online gaming software.. The Rivkin’s solution provided users with a secure environment to engage online thanks to a combination of a secure transaction management system, E-Cash and Internet gaming software. The brothers innovative thought process and entrepreneurial spirit allowed them to achieved tremendous success in a very short period of time. Under the supervision of Mark Rivkin, Cryptologic had eighteen licensees operating in more than forty branded casinos. The company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange.

In 2002, the Rivkin’s departed from their multi-million dollar empire to explore new business ventures. In 2005 Mark became a Chairman of Groove Media, a Toronto based video game developer (Groove Games) that has published more than twenty retail game titles on the PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Rivkin also recently co-founded his own investment firm, QT Inc., and he currently acts as a principal of the company. Mark Rivkin truly helped pioneered the online gaming and casino industry. The innovations he and his brother introduced to the world changed the face of online gaming. This site is maintained to serve as a motivating resource for other entrepreneurs who want to reach his level of professional success while striving for their own unique goals.


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Mark Rivkin’s entrepreneurial drive and keen sense of business concepts emerged very early on. While attending junior high school in Toronto, Mark Rivkin and his brother Andrew had the inspired idea of obtaining the rights to the logos of several prominent U.S. colleges for use on clothing. With these licenses secured, the brothers printed sweatshirts and jackets with the insignias. This venture required the production of a hundred-page long document that covered all aspects of the business and ensured protection of the brand. A sensible approach to business that was one of many impressive instincts found in these young entrepreneurs.

Mark had a knack for using his businesses to solve everyday problems found in his own environment. His entrepreneurial flair would arise again during post secondary education. In his early years attending the University of Western Ontario he founded Campus Note; a lecture note service that was used on a number of Canadian campuses.

The connection between computers and business was next on the horizon for the Rivkin brothers. Andrew recalls a deciding moment , “ We became interested in selling equipment so we started selling hardware to businesses and individuals, bringing most of it in from the U.S.” These were the early days when businesses in Canada were slowly beginning to integrate computers into the workplace. It was an advantageous period of time for those with an interest in computers and software development. The Rivkin brothers began to develop a software consulting business. “The world was learning how to network,” says Andrew, “People were trying to connect their computers on an ad hoc basis.” With a growing demand for the services that the two provided, their business thrived. This segue into technology would become the building blocks of Cryptologic and the rest of their careers.



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In 1992, the very year that the Internet was being commercialized, banks and businesses didn’t know how to protect their information. Over the next couple of years, Andrew and Mark came up with the idea of creating a private network by which information could be secured quickly and effectively. Such a network would clearly be beneficial to banks and their customers. Much of the banking world involves sending small bits of information (not major files like videos and photos), which lent itself particularly well to the system the Rivkin brothers had developed.

In 1995, Andrew and Mark Rivkin began looking for investors. They brought on board some brilliant software developers who had come to Canada from Russia in the early ‘90s. This team included Anatoly Plotkin, a developer of military-grade software, with a PhD in math and physics. Canada was lagging behind Silicon Valley during this time. “We’d be in meetings, and people would say ‘Interwhat??’” recalls Andrew. At the time it was hard to progress with the idea of security software in Toronto.

The brothers considered how to make the company, named Cryptologic, more appealing to investors. They eventually decided to layer on services that involved online gaming. In late 1995, the Rivkin's raised half a million dollars of venture capital and licensed their first customer for the gambling software. They created online casinos and sports books, which in turn were licensed to others. They charged their licensees a fee upfront and also shared in the revenue. In addition, CryptoLogic provided key support services such as e-cash to help process orders. A landmark moment came in 1996 when the company launched InterCasino. This was the first customer to license the company’s software and one of the first “play for money” internet casinos. In time, the company received eighteen licensees and was operating in over forty branded casinos.

As a publicly traded company, CryptoLogic is subject to the highest standards of corporate disclosure and transparency. Cryptologic gaming software is certified to government regulations of Malta and Alderney with strict standards similar to those of land-based gaming. Cryptologic initially began trading at 15 cents Canadian. It quickly took a tremendous hike of 40% in revenue growth and the company was a winner on the Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange. Its total worth reached an impressive 600-700M. Eventually the brothers passed on the ownership. Today, Cryptologic Limited is a software application service provider based out of Dublin, Ireland. It is one of the top five in the industry alongside Boss Media, Microgaming, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming.

Groove Games

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Cryptologic proved to be a tremendous success, both in the security of online gaming and solidifying Mark Rivkin’s role as an entrepreneurial trailblazer. He hadn't even celebrated his 40th birthday before he had achieved the type of success that most business leaders only dream of obtaining in a lifetime.

In 2005, he joined Groove Media Inc; a company best known for its retail publishing activities through the Groove Games label. Mr. Rivkin joined Groove as a Strategist and Chairman in August 2005 and bought a decade of experience to the table, including internet entertainment services, business management and public markets. His past success with the founding and expansion of Cryptologic played a big role in the pursuit of his expertise.

Established in 2001, Groove Games was a Canadian developer and publisher of computer and video games, publishing more than twenty retail game titles on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 platforms. In December 2006, Groove Media Inc. launched an online software platform, SkillGround. It allowed visitors to download retail-quality games for free and play against competitors of similar skill levels for fun, or for cash. SkillGround hosted multiple genres including: first-person shooter, racing, sports and fighting.

QT Inc.

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Most recently, Mark Rivkin is the founder and Managing Director of QT Inc. He founded the company in 2004 with the former Chief Financial Officer of CryptoLogic, Harvey Solursh. QT Inc.is a Toronto-based investment firm specializing in commercial and residential real estate, private and commercial investments, development, mortgages, and financing.

QT Inc. focuses on providing a wide range of financing including Venture Capital, Private Equity, Management & Strategic Consulting, and Real Estate Investments. Since its inception, QT Inc. has participated in a number of financing arrangements with a variety of companies ranging from the Real estate sector to Technology. Mark Rivkin has over ten years of experience in business management and public markets and he is proud to deliver his expertise as well as the capital necessary to help grow investments. Learn more about QT Inc.

Helix Healthcare Group Inc.

Helix Health Care Group

In June 2014, Mark Rivkin and Jesse Hanson launched the first facility of its kind in Canada. Helix Healthcare Group is an innovative health provider of leading edge intervention and treatment services for those facing mental health, trauma and/or addiction issues. With their main programs, Spectrum Recovery and Catalyst Wellness, they built an outpatient treatment model to connect the mind and body, address the underlying issues and create lasting change.

Together, they created a unique program that supports clients not only on the path of recovery – but rediscovery – so they can recreate their life with confidence. Their growing team of 50 professionals includes more than 10 types of practitioners, ranging from psychologists, naturopathic doctors and addiction counsellors to psychotherapists, life coaches and mind-body therapists. Spectrum Recovery specializes in every area of addiction, from substance abuse, prescription drug misuse and gambling to porn addiction, eating disorders and other destructive behaviours.

Helix Healthcare Group supports its clients with 4 distinct program types to suit every stage of the recovery process, including Intensive, Moderate, Light and Maintenance. With more than 20 types of treatments to choose from, their personalized programs may include: detox assistance, somatic psychotherapy, addiction counselling, life coaching, naturopathic medicine, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, yin yoga, tai chi and much more. Flexible scheduling, lower costs and less time away from home and work are among the many benefits. Their Intensive program provides an alternative to traditional residential treatment by providing 25 hours a week of therapeutic interventions – with over 50% of those sessions being offered in a one-on-one format. With the launch of this ground-breaking facility, Ontarians can now receive comprehensive, world-class care without having to pick up and leave their home for a month or more.

For more information visit www.helixhealthcaregroup.com or their ground-breaking programs, Catalyst Wellness and Spectrum Recovery.

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